Rudolph kwanue University

    Our Motto” Education is our passion”
    At the heart of Liberia, and the World, RKU is a leading university committed to international excellence, world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching. Celebrating diversity among our staff and students; broadening participation in higher education; engaging with local, national and international communities – all of these are part of what we do and who we are. RKU was founded in 2017, as a celebratory to the Great 14 years Political War in Liberia. The RKU, University has a proud history of motivated projects through Grace International Bible University that lead to amazing discoveries. .

    Online Degree Programs at RKU
    RKU goal is to inspire its students to define their purpose in life, mission, and legacy. We seek the progression of each student through their program at RKU, which serves as a connection that allows them to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. RKU offers Postgraduate and Graduate distance learning programs. .

    RKU = Connection Because you are Unique and Unrepeatable RKU is the bridge so you can achieve your dreams. We are a higher learning institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment; exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world. Whether you are looking for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate online programs. RKU will support you to achieve your goals as we did with thousands of our international Alumni through Grace International Bible University. .

    Rudolph Kwanue University (RKU) provides course materials, essential information, important e-mail communications, and other critical services via the internet. In most courses, internet access is required for weekly homework and assignments. Aided by the resources and support GIBU provides, it is each student‘s responsibility to ensure adequate personal access to computer technology and the internet. University Resources Computer and internet access are available in the Library and other campus locations. Technology accounts are assigned upon enrollment. Students access course materials through D2LBrightspace, a web-based learning management system. Grades and account statements are available through WhatsApp and ZOOM, the student information system. Students are expected to monitor their university provided e-mail account for essential communications. Students and faculty qualify for access to Microsoft Office 365™ including free licenses to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.The RKU and GIBU Online Library give users’ instant online access. The Library Resources include 130,000 books in electronic format and over 15.9 million full text journals, articles, and periodicals. The RKU online Library holdings are constantly being updated. A new record is added every 10 seconds ensuring the research material available is at the cutting edge and keeping up with our rapidly changing world. .

    The University Objective Our Objective is to ensure the appropriate educational empowerment of individuals to equip them with requisite entrepreneurship spirit and transformational leadership qualities and to provide relevant programs of global competitiveness in order to make them serviceable and dutiful to the national development process of the country and the world at large. SHARED VALUES bn rofessional reliability  Quality outputs  Relevance to national development  Integrity and transparency  Efficiency and effectiveness


RKU and (GIBU) are currently in Six Continents of the World, (151) Nations including north and South America, the United Kingdom (UK), Asia, Africa and Australia, conducting Satellite Classes.

RKU Founder and President Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr.PhD.
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    RKU Locations

    RKU Main Campus Address: Pipeline, Wein town block’c’ Community, Opposite the Football field, Paynesville City, Monrovia Liberia. Contact information: Phone # +231- 777-260959, Whatsapp # +231- 778-506-462/ +231- 555-878-358 .