The RKU-University seeks to offer Bachelor’s Degrees in several disciplines relevant to the nation building process of Liberia. The College aspires to run Seven (7) program departments as follows: 1. College of Business 2. College of Theology 3. College of Education 4. College of Agriculture 5. Public Administration 6. College of Information Communication Technology 7. And Public health ACADEMIC PROGRAMS The RUDOLPH KWANUE UNIVERSITY (RKU) offers four years bachelor degrees. Here are the descriptions of each of these programs, including course requirements. ➢ Bachelor of Arts degree in Education ➢ Bachelor of Art degree in Theology ➢ Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration ➢ Bachelor of Science degree Public Administration ➢ Bachelor of Science degree in General Agriculture ➢ Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology ➢ Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Management REQUIREMENTS FOR BACCALAUREATE DEGREES A baccalaureate degree is granted to a student who successfully completes a minimum of 130 credit hours which include 15 credits of RKU-UNIVERSITY requirements, 39 credits of General Education and a specified number of credits in the major. .



A successful applicant must provide the following to the Admissions Office: 1. A Properly completed application form 2. Two letters of recommendation (one must be from the last school attended and the other from your pastor or community authority). 3. And original copy of High School Diploma and photo copy 4. And original copy of the West African Examination Council Certificate (WAEC/WAESSC) and photo copy 5. A High School Transcript sealed 6. Three recent passport size photos 7. A non-refundable application fee determined by the College ADMISSION BY TRANSFER Students attending recognized colleges and Universities, other technical training institutions, both local and foreign, shall be allowed to transfer to RKU-University. Students desiring to be transfer to the University may apply for admission and submit the following:  A letter of application  A completed application form secured from the office of Admissions.  Two letters of recommendation (one must be from the Dean of Admissions of last university or training Centre attended and one from an eminent personality in the community).  A Transcript, from the last school attended, sent directly to the Office of Admissions-Three recent passport size photos  A non-refundable application fee determined by college. All application for transfer will be reviewed and approved by the Committee on Academic Affairs, who will compile the list of accepted students and present it to the Dean of Admissions for implementation. Upon the acceptance, all transferred students shall be informed immediately through letters of acceptance, which will list all courses accepted from their previous institutions, as well as, indicate each student’s status. .

Regulations on Transfer Credits

1. Only accredited transfer credits from the student’s institution attended will be accepted. 2. No transfer student who has less than 15 credit hours or less than one semester’s work will be allowed to enroll at Rudolph Kwanue University 3. No transfer student will be allowed to transfer more than 70 credit hours from his/her previous institution. 4. No transfer student with a grade point average (GPA) below “Cs will be accepted to enroll at the RK-University.

Categories of Students

A duly registered individual for a course of study at The Rudolph Kwanue University shall be regarded as a student of the University. The categories of student shall be as follows: A. Two years studies program in vocational, technical& professional education B. One year vocational & technical training for school dropouts and those without formal education. 1. Regular Student: A student who is duly registered for a minimum of 12 credits or more credit hours, from diploma to degree. 2. Part-time Student: A student who is duly registered for less than 12 credits hours leading to Diploma. 3. Transfer Student: A duly registered student who transfers from any recognized Institution to RKU with not less than 15 credit hours and more than 70 credit hours from the last institution attended. 4. Auditing Student: A duly registered student who audits special courses but receives no academic credit (s) for work done. 5. Remedial Student: A duly registered student who has a deficiency either in English or Mathematics. Such student receives no credit hours. 6. Special Student: A special student is one who formally applies for admission for specific training and meets the following requirements: - 1. High School Graduate; - 2. Register only two courses; - 3. Not an “Bsc” degree or AA degree candidate; - 4. No re-enrollment in a course failed twice by him/her such a student cannot receive a transcript from Rudolph Kwanue University .

Although the Registrar may give him or her certificate indicating a course completed by him or her as a non- degree candidate at Rudolph Kwanue University. If a special student wishes to enroll as a regular full -time or part-time student, he must apply to the Admissions Office within a year of being a Special Student and undergo all the normal procedures required of all incoming freshman students. A Special Student cannot hold office in any campus organization nor serve as an official representative of the RKU at inter-college gatherings.

Academic Regulations

All students are expected to attend classes regularly and promptly. Students who are absent from any particular class or laboratory session are held responsible for the entire work of the class. Members of the faculty will hold students accountable for regular and prompt class attendance, and will report to the Dean of the Department the name of any student whose repeated absences or tardiness are, in their opinion, impairing the students performance. In such cases, the Dean of the college will take any appropriate measure, including withdrawing the student from the course. Should the affected student furnish the Dean with good reasons for his or her absence and if, in the Dean’s judgment the reasons given are satisfactory, the Dean may reinstate the student. A student arriving in class more than ten minutes after the scheduled hour is regarded as tardy. Tardiness shall be considered as half absence.A student who arrives more than fifteen minutes after the scheduled hour for class maybe denied admission to a class, a student may also be denied admission to a class for unaccountable behavior, which warrants such action. A student denied admission to a class should be considered absent .


RKU Affiliation

Affiate your school and get RKU Affiliation. RKU help extend Affiliation to other Institutions globally. To get International reconiation and Affiliation, that give you good standing to offer Recognized and accrediated Degree Programs : All applicants must be able to submit the following information for official Affiliation Certificate: 1. Institutionl profile 2. Students handbook 3. By law and Constitution 3. Relivent Programs offering 4. Application for Affiliation 5. Profile information of Founder or President including his or her Qualifications 6. Qualifications of all Lecturers and Professors 7. Submission of facilities photos. 8. Vision and mission statements 9. Submit a fee of $1500 USD for one year affiliation monitoring value. 10. Submit a msword and PDF copies of your school curriculum 11. Wait for confirmation for a period of one week before getting your Affiliation Certificate. Absence shall be counted from the first session of the class in the semester. A student may be absent without penalty in a semester as follows: 1. three times, from a class session in a semester;