Theology Education Course Division


1. Division of Mission

    Evangelism and Discipleship & Spiritual Formation DS 120 Christian Business DS 130 Spiritual Formation & Discipleship DS220 Christian Personal/Social Ethics DS/EV 230 Principles of Evangelism MS/EV 230 Church Planting MS 330 History of Christian Missions MS 330 Cultural Anthropology MS/EV 430 Pastor and Missions MS/EV 430 Church Growth.

    2. Division of Christian Ministries

    A. Pastoral Ministry PM 220 Christian Worship PM 330 Problems & Issues in Pastoral Ministry PM 330 Church Administration PM 320 Marriages and the Family PM 430 Pastoral Counseling PM 431 Homiletics I PM 432 Homiletics II

    B. Christian Education
    CE 130 Introduction to Christian Education CE 230 Church’s Ministry to Children & Youth CE 320 Church’s Ministry to Adults CE 320 Camps & Conferences CE 330 Educational Administrations


2. Division of Christian Ministry Contd.

CE 330 Curriculum Development CE 330 Educational Foundations CE 330 Educational Psychology CE 330 Educational Method in Elementary/ Secondary Schools CE 430 Seminars in Christian Education CE 430 Educational Philosophy CE 430 Testing & Evaluation CE 460 practice Teaching CE 430 Guidance and Counseling C. Christian Counseling CC 330 Counseling Christian Workers CC 330 Counseling Christian CC 330 Innovative Approach to Counseling CC 330 Sport-Controlled Temperament CC 330 Counseling The Depressed CC 330 Self-Imagery And Prayer in Counseling CC330 Career Counseling CC 330 Counseling for Substance Abuse CC 330 Counseling and Divorce CC 330 Marriage and Family Counseling CC 330 Counseling for Unplanned Pregnancy CC 430 Counseling for Family Violence CC 430 Counseling and Guilt CC 430 Counseling and HIV/AIDS CC430 Counseling Children with Conduct disorder CC430 Counseling the sick and terminally iII CC 430Conflict Management and Counseling CC 430 Psychotherapy CC430 Counseling in Times of Crisis CC 430 Counseling for Anger


3. Division of Biblical Studies; a. Biblical Theology

    BT 230 Biblical Authority and Hermeneutics BT 330 Fundamental of Biblical Theology BT 230 Inductive Bible Study Method B. Old Testament OT 131 Old Testament Introduction OT 220 Joshua & Judges OT 220 Old Testament Prophets OT 220 Exodus OT 330 Old Testament Criticisms OT 320 Pentateuch C. New Testament NT 132 New Testament Introduction NT 230 Acts NT 243 Inductive Bible Study Method II NT 333 Theology of Paul NT 343 Romans NT 433 Revelation

    4. Division of Theological studies A. Historical Theology

      HT 121 History of Christianity I HT 122History of Christianity II HT 230 Wesleyan History and Doctrine B. Systematic Theology ST 131 Systematic Theology I St 132 Systematic Theology II ST 430 Contemporary Theological Trends ST 430 Doctrine of Last Things ST 320 the Church and War


5. Division of Philosophy and Human Sciences

    PH 220 African Traditional Religions PS 220 Psychology of Development and Learning PH 331 Introduction of Philosophy PH 332 Philosophy of Religion PH 330 Islam PH 430 Major Religions, Cults & Occults SO 331 Sociology I SO 332 Sociology II

    6. Division of Language

    A. English EN 101 Freshmen English I EN 102 Freshmen English II En 201 Sophomore English I EN 202 Sophomore English II